Soft Room
The Soft Room is a safe play centre to promote activities that build up gross motor co-ordination, spatial ability and proper reflex movements. These activities are geared towards promoting self-awareness and confidence of the child’s physical self.
Sensory Room
Saraswathi Kendra has a sensory room, which is a specially designed room which combines a wide range of stimuli to help individuals develop and engage their senses.
Sensory rooms help children who have learning difficulties, developmental disabilities or sensory impairments. They learn to interact with the world around them.
The benefits of a sensory room are as follows:
Increases sensory stimulation
Enhances learning through play
Improves balance, movement and spatial orientation
Helps to tackle problems with behaviour
Our sensory room is in a calm and closed area and has the following sensory aids:
Team walker
Puppet theatre
Bouncing ball
LED Blue lights
Snow bowling
Sand pit
English Language Teaching
Conversational English and language skills are imparted through a special English Language Teaching (ELT) programme
Computer Room
The C.P. Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation, parent body of Saraswathi Kendra, has modernised the Computer Room with the best hardware and is upto date with the latest software. Saraswathi Kendra trains students in Word Processing, Data Entry and Computer Science. The computers are also used as an educational aid.
Saraswathi Kendra has a good collection of books and reference materials gifted by various donors. Library class is an important part of the curriculum, when the children are taught to refer to books, take notes, etc.
Home Science
A regular kitchen is used to teach the students to cook and clean, while sewing machines, kitchen aids and typewriters help them develop additional skills.
Saraswathi Kendra’s spacious and green campus creates both a soothing environment and an opportunity for physical activity. A playground for young children, a cricket pitch and a basketball field provide facilities for recreation and physical development.
Saraswathi Kendra’s publications  are primarily parental guides. They include
MANAGING HYPERACTIVITY MANAGING LEARNING DISABILITIES The students also bring out an annual magazine
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