Dyslexia comes from the Greek word lexis or speech, and the prefix dys or difficulty, and it means difficulty in speech, language, reading, writing, spelling and/or expressing thoughts on paper. A dyslexic may have trouble differentiating between left and right, telling the time, tying shoe laces, with mathematics, sequencing and may reverse words or letters.
A dyslexic may have any one or more of the following problems:
Reads very slowly and hesitantly
Mispronounces words
Reads words backwards: on/no, saw/was, etc.
Reads words twice
Adds little words which do not appear in the text " e.g. in, the, it, at, etc.
Ignores punctuation
Omits prefixes and suffixes or affixes extra letters
Shortens words " e.g. "rember" for remember
Put syllables in the wrong order " e.g. animal/aminal, hospital/hopistal
Puts letters in the wrong order: felt/left, act/cat
Saraswathi Kendra offers the following facilities and programmes :
Basic Reading, Writing and Mathematics Programme
Alternate Schooling
Remedial and Parallel Education Programme
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